Painting for auction by Article 25

This year, Article 25’s 10×10 is centred on the River Thames and The Shard.  I was assigned square C3, on the North Bank, directly opposite The Globe.  In fact, I soon decided that the best thing about my square was the view of the opposite bank, including Tate Modern, The Globe, Southwark Cathedral, and the lively River frontage.  By contrast the North Bank, which is part of the City, is altogether more serious.

I spent several hours exploring, gathering bits of tickets, leaflets and newspapers which I have used as collage and integrated into the painting.

Together with 99 other works by artists and architects the painting will go on display and be auction at The Shard.  All funds go to Article 25 for its fantastic work.  Last two years my paintings have each raised £3000 – here’s hoping someone likes this one just as much!

View from Cannon Street south towards The Globe, Tate Modern, etc